Sending non-dormant summer bud wood through the mail

Sort of a piggy - back question to the scion mailing thread.

How do you go about sending summer budwood in the mail? I know it’s currently the season for cutting and mailing dormant scion wood but for fruits trees that typically do well with budding (peach) what is the recommended method of sending actively growing wood? I would think reducing transit time is much more important when sending bud wood. Or is this even do-able?

Reduce transit time as much as possible, and send in cooler weather along the way if possible. I have never had problems with bad budwood so it must be pretty resilient.

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I know i received some from Scott during a very warm stretch of weather and i had no issues. Just keep it in the refrigerator and i’d try to use it as quick as possible.

To me…i’d rather bud stonefruit in summer… then spring graft them and deal with our weather issues.

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Thanks. Good to know. Do you guys snip the leafs off?

Yes, remove all leaves by clipping off near the base. Keep the petiole on.

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