Senior citizens, apples and tomatoes

A protein was found that causes musle to weaken as we age. It was a mouse study but mice are very similar to us biologically. That’s why they are used in medical studies. It was also discovered that a chemical in apple skins and a different one in green tomatoes stops that muscle weakening protein.
Today I was making a smoothie and added some apple. I thought my $39 Osterizer wouldn’t be able to purée the apple skin but it did. So now apples with skin will be in my smoothie. Next I need some good green tomato recipes.

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Fried green tomatoes are wonderful. Cook them dipped in egg and flour and fry them in virgin olive oil.

Dennis, do you have a ink to that study? I would very much like to read about that, very interesting and very good news. I need to try to make fried green tomatoes, they always sound so good. Not sure if there is a better tomato variety to grow for fried green tomatoes?

Fried green tomatoes are wonderful and delicious. I could eat a plateful by myself!

I prefer to use maters that are just starting to blush into changing color. Not soft, but not totally hard. That’s because the ones I like best come out soft in the seed sac areas. So soft that those sections might fall out on the plate. I also prefer a bit of acid to the taste. Of course, when they’re green they aren’t sweet, but no matter how I eat tomatoes, I prefer acid in the taste.

I tend to use a combo of flour and cracker or bread crumbs or even cornmeal for the coating because I enjoy a coating with a bit more texture than flour alone provides. I also dilute the egg with water or milk. A touch of salt and good dose of black pepper is all the seasoning for basic coating. You can add other spices, if you choose, but I’d recommend trying them with basic coating first so that the flavor of green tomato is not disguised. After that, let your own tastes guide you toward any preferred enhancements.

Slice them thick enough that the shape will hold together while frying. The objective is to get the outside browned and somewhat crisp and to completely cook the inside to softness. They are pan fried, not deep fried. More oil coming up their sides makes them crisper, but they can also be pan fried with little more than a coating of oil for those who are averse to actual frying. Drain over paper towels or other absorbant material.

I think a good frying tomato variety is any one that is large enough to slice and has some seeded area when picked for frying, but not so much that the insides fall apart as they soften during frying.

Since it’s Southern cooking, the variations are at the whim of the cook. The only absolute necessities are all in the name, Fried Green Tomatoes.


Hah, that should have been, “link”, and thank you!! Off to read.

I like simple recipes so I followed yours and yes fried green tomatoes are delicious.

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It’s nice to hear that someone new has been introduced to the pleasure of eating them. Glad you enjoyed it!