Shaa-Kar Pareh Apricot in Southern CA?

My family has been asking me about putting in an apricot tree. I know most are hit and miss in low chill areas. There was a very nicely branched, 15 gallon Shaa-Kar Pareh Apricot at a Home Depot near me.

Any opinions on productivity, taste, etc… would be great. Thanks.

The same question was asked not long ago… see

Thanks, I changed the title to reflect southern CA as it seems you had problems with the sugar or taste levels in a different climate.

Ah. @itheweatherman is also from Southern CA but I guess nobody else chimed in on that thread.

It is pretty hard to find a lot of information on this particular variety. Unless I can get more information or opinions, I’m leaning towards passing on the tree.

I have one but its the first year… we’ll see what happens.