Who has grown them? Seem like some are seedgrown like onions, others fall planted as bulbs (cloves?) and mature as a cluster like halfway between a garlic or multiplier onion.

One thing I’ve noticed is they seem to be recommended only for pretty high latitudes, like 40 and greater.

Is there a difference between types culinarily?


I’ve grown them successfully here in 7A, growing from sets (bulbs). I believe I grew dutch red and french gray. I think I remember the clusters being between 5 and 8 bulbs each, so about the same return as most of the hard neck garlics I grow.

I did like them roasted with brussel sprouts, potatoes, etc., so probably worth growing for that. Beyond that we don’t use a ton of shallots so not that much need. Taste wise there wasn’t a huge difference from store bought, so I didn’t bother to keep growing them. If I had more space I would and I might try it again the future growing from seed, but for now the space is needed for onions and garlic.


One great way to use a ton of shallots in a real hurry:

Best if you have good-sized shallots to work with. Some of the ones I’ve grown have been pitiful.


I have grown shallots from seed. Germination rate was low, but I got plenty of them. Slow growers, finicky growers. Some grew big some not, and I couldn’t really tell why?
Zebrune was about the best performer and they were large!

I grew one round kind too, forgot the name? I have it somewhere?

I use them in anything I’m going to put onions and garlic in. It gives a different flavor besides regular onions, and sometimes I use them instead of onions. Like I make fish in garlic and caper sauce and shallots go great with this. The sauce is olive oil, butter and white wine with capers, some caper juice, minced garlic and shallots if I have them. very nice.