Shannon pear tree?

Hi, question, I’ve got a couple of grafted pears from some scions I traded years ago. They’re labeled “shannon.” So they’d have been labeled that way when I got them. Anyone ever heard of a Shannon pear? I can’t find anything about it. I assume it’s not suited for my area (upstate SC) was debating on grafting it over with something more suitable for this area unless I find out otherwise.


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Thanks for posting this and asking this question.
That’s a very obscure pear you are growing but yes I know it exists and by that name. Years ago i heard vague mention of it.
I don’t know much about it It’s very rare so i can’t help you out with chill hours and things like that.

In another forum a photo exists its not my photo robertduval14's profile -
On this website you see them on the tree Common pear (Pyrus communis 'Grand Champion', Pyrus communis Grand Champion), pears on a tree, cultivar Grand Champion, Germany Stock Photo - Alamy

I’m only guessing that donation of the Shannon pear came from Delbert McCombs but I’m 99% sure. He owns Earth’s Rising Nursery in Oregon. You could email him and ask for additional information. By the way anyone else wanting this pear that’s also the one place you can buy one. He says this " Late October ripening dessert quality fruit. Fawn-colored, velvet smooth, sweet, juicy, spicy flavor."

Earth’s Rising Nursery

PO Box 334

Monroe, OR 97456



Excellent! Thank you for the information!

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There’s a notation in Morgan’s the book of pears that has Grand Champion from WF Shannon as a sport of “Gotham”


Curious how many people are now growing this?