Sharing a source for Baba berries/ raspberries

I have just purchased two Baba raspberries from Bob Wells Nursery ( – and am hopeful they will be good plants – I called the nursery and they said they are grown in 5 gallon pots but they ship them bareroot for a flat shipping fee (mine, with a grape vine and some strawberries thrown in, was 17.50). I chose these after reading an endorsement on the old gardenweb forum by Don Yellman. Bay Laurel Nursery also had them but while the per-plant price was cheaper, the shipping was more expensive. I will report back with how the berries look when I receive them – I am hoping they will be good size if they were actually growing in 5 gallon pots!!

If anyone is growing them near my zone (6b – VA) and has any special tips about them, I’d love to learn!

I thought of growing them, and found out they are not very hardy. Liking the heat and all, more for warmer zones.

I am probably on the northern edge of where they can grow, but I’m going to give it a try!

From all accounts it’s a winner! Big berries, good grower, and excellent taste.

I received my two Baba raspberries from Bob Wells and thought I would share a picture. Their website says the plants are growing in 5 gallon containers, which is definitely incorrect by the shape and size of the roots, but they are still good size plants for $17. One thing though, if you order from Bob Wells, specify a shipping date or talk to them if you are north of them. . .they sent my plants about a week after I paid and I wasn’t ready! Had to heel the plants in a shady hole.

We’ll see how they grow!

They were bred a century ago for southern CA and sold by a nursery in Glendale. My father’s family grew them in Redlands. The breed was commercially forgotten and then rediscovered by a fruit enthusiast a few decades ago. I am growing them in Vista CA and get 3 crops per year.

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Richard, are your Bababerries grown in full sun or partial shade? Last year I planted one Bababerry bush in partial shade, but it still didn’t like heatwaves when we got temps above 100 F for several days in a row. It did survive the summer (all other raspberries did not), but did not grow much.

Mine are in full sun, but compared to my location your summer is a frying pan. This graph from city-data is close to my weather, although I do get a dozen or so days of 95°F temperatures.

Yes, as long as it stays below 95 during summer, we call it a nice pleasant day.

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Just thought I’d add that the two plants we bought are thriving. I neglected to cut the canes back (oops, still learning!) and they leafed out completely and are actually producing a few blossoms. I probably shouldn’t let them – but we have no other berry plants that will even offer this year – I hope a few berries won’t hurt their development too badly.

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I never cut back new bareroot raspberries, I think the leaves help the plants get established, I do pinch blossoms. most of the time :sunglasses:

A lot of my other raspberries only leafed out at the bottom of their canes but these pulled off leafing out completely. They did have nice root systems and we did get them planted early. It’s just been so long since I’ve had a home-grown raspberry :yum:

Hi There,

I am looking to buy 4 Bababerry bare rooted plants with shipping to Thailand. Do you where I can buy online?