Shipping cost question

I am looking to order a black mission fig, 2 paw paws (shenandoah & sunflower) as well as a couple of nitrogen fixing goumi bushes. When I went to check out at raintree they wanted $65 for shipping to GA… Does that seem a bit high to you for 5 potted items?

You’d have to know the weight and size of the package to have an idea. I recently set a 12 lb 36x8x8 package to CT and cost was $43.

It seems high but hard to tell.

Shipping is expensive nowadays! It’s getting to a point where I won’t ship very much. Many times the nurseries are at the mercy of the shipper the same as we are.

I’d call them. I reached out to them late winter about combining shipping for two orders and they were able to offer me a few different price options.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll give them a ring this afternoon to see what the deal is.