Shipping Root Stock Question

Well I am just about ready to do my apple grafting, just waiting on one more scion shipment and the root stocks. I had ordered my root stock from a nursery up in WA, and asked that they ship it in mid Feb. They contacted me recently and said that they will ship now if I want, but they won’t guarantee safe delivery as it is still below freezing in some nearby states.

Locally, in Colorado, we are in a warm snap (50-60F highs and lows a bit above freezing) which is supposed to continue for another week or so. So it seemed to me that the root stock would do fine (it’s typically a 2-3 day trip). But I suppose Fedex or UPS might decide to route the package thru Chicago or the frozen north.

Just how bad would it be for the bare root stocks to catch some freezing on the trip? I really would like to bench graft these soon so I can get them started in the GH. But no point in rushing things if it means they won’t survive.

Don’t worry, they will do fine. Roots shouldn’t freeze but 2-3days is nothing. Besides, I doubt the rootstocks will stay out the whole time.