Shipping to Croatia? Q for the folks in Europe

I just got back from 2 weeks in Croatia. We started in Istra and moved south, ending in Cilipi. Everything was incredible, but our hosts (we did Airbnb) were particularly phenomenal in Cilipi. They also had a very nice garden of olives, tomatoes, peppers, etc. etc…

I was thinking of shipping them a juju or something similar they didn’t have–the area is lousy with figs, melons, etc., but I thought they might really enjoy a juju, either as a potted or specimen plant. My question is, does anyone know a place that is going to be able to ship to them in Croatia and not charge a fortune for certificates, etc? I assume Burnt Ridge, etc. either won’t ship or will for a small fortune, but does anyone on the other side of the Atlantic have a reputable place to recommend in Europe for mail-order trees?

many thanks,

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I think @Austro_PawPaw Marvin may have suggestions. He grows jujube in the general area.

I once had a flight sitting next to a nurseryman from Bologna, Italy. I found him extremely informed (and passionate) about fruit trees but I just checked his website and he has no ziziphus to sell.

The best way to move plants one way or the other is by sending dormant scionwood in a flat padded envelope.

I believe Mark’s asking for a nursery recommendation in Europe where he may purchase a tree online to have shipped to his hosts.

He would simply pay a nursery and they’d send an already grafted tree. That’s what he’s looking to do. None grafting involved; however he needs to know which European nursery/nurseries sells jujubes and are a respectable/reliable source of good to excellent plant material.


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Correct dax…i dont believe they have a rootstock or experience w jujus, or with grafting…

I’m on it, Mark. I’ll have an answer for you tomorrow. A long-time conifer friend turned fruit grower also like myself has a few and I know one of his is Sugar Cane. I’ve emailed him as of a moment ago.


Dax, you are awesome…

couldn’t trace who, but someone pm’d me a couple years ago who’s from croatia(or nearby) who was visiting usa. He said seeds are ok to be brought in to that part of the world so sent him some to a us address.

of course seeds will not breed true, but being from preferred varieties, there’s a higher chance of ‘winning’ the genetic lottery
the turnover for jujus from seed can be incredibly early. Most will bear flowers on second yr and some will bear fruits. The incredibly precocious ones have bloomed at ~5 months of age.

sending budwood is obviously the most ideal, but quite certain is subject to quarantine and additional costs

Hi Mark,
varietes like Li and lang are easy to find in France and Germany, here is a nursery directory from France offering jujubes:

My friend gave two links and each nursery has two cultivars for sale.

and the next nursery:




Du Bosc nursery vas other varieties.
I sent me a Lee this winter.
the trees are tall and beautiful, in pot or bare root.
But I don’t know if he will do the expedition this winter.

Harbin sells jujubes (and has plethora of varieties) unfortunately he is not shipping.
@markalbob If you run out of options let me know around November time and I will do it for you.