I only wanted to give people a heads up on shipping issues. I highly doubt they’ll ever ban backyard fruit or gardens even Soviet Union couldn’t do that. I sure didn’t want this to become political or divisive. Let’s get back to fruit :apple: fruit :watermelon:

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Thank you for providing this information to the forum.
I’m sorry that yet another thread has been hijacked by off-topic and inappropriate comments. It would be nice if folks would at least hijack threads with informed opinions, but I guess they have nobody else to talk to if they need to purposefully upset people but posting unwarranted and baseless ignorance on a fruit blog of all places.
What about the liberty and freedom we should all have to not have to hear garbage hat has nothing to do with the topic at hand?


I’m closing this topic. I’ll note that no one was censored, but the thread has turned political to the frustration of some members. One post was flagged. Another member has rightfully expressed disappointment because of politics in this thread. Let’s keep politics out of discussions please.