Shortcut to maturity on standard trees

I theorised on another thread you could take a fruit tree on precocious dwarfing rootstock, wait for it to flower, then bury the graft union to get it on its own roots and full size.

I did this with a pear and it has seemed to work.

It was pear Invincible on Quince A rootstock, bought as a 2nd (maybe 3rd) year bareroot, and grown out til 2nd leaf after that. That year it flowered for the first time and I dug it up and moved it to another spot but buried deep about 12" below the graft union.

I think it definitely put out its own roots after that because it’s vigour increased massively afterwards. The thing is it has continued to flower since then, a year later it’s covered in flowers again. I’ll have to watch a few more years to see if its really going to be a standard.

So I think if it’s really working it could be possible to shave years off maturity on a standard sized fruit tree by letting it mature first on dwarf rootstock then develop its own roots after.

Has anyone else done something similar and had it work?

Branch bending and Summer pruning would probably help, too.

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