Shortening trees on b9 rootstocks

I have 10 tall spindle trained apple trees on b9 that are about 10 ft tall but it seems that the critters are getting more fruit than I care to give away. My plan for next spring/summer is to enclose my trees like I have my blueberries but would like to know if cutting these trees down to 8" is feasible before I draw up my plans for enclosure.


Sounds like a great idea!! You can also tie down the branches also.


8" or 8’?

8’ that wont be a problem, 8" is a different can of worms.

My opinion is to go for it. I plan to keep the ones I have on B9 interstems to no higher than 7’.

Yes 8 inches would be hard to keep fruit off of the ground.

If I go to 8’ I will also b able to make the rows between trees 9’ instead of 10.