Shothole resistant peach varieties

Hey there. I’m battling shothole and would like anyone’s opinion on peach varieties that are pretty resistant to shothole and brown rot resistance would be awesome too. I’m finding very little online. I’m in NE Ohio along the lake which is technically now zone 7a. But well say 6b to be safe.

Interested in this as well. I am just a bit south of you in NE Ohio and have battled this for several years

It sucks doesn’t it? What im not understanding is the difference between “shot hole " and " bacterial leaf spot”. Ive learned they are two different things, but… It seems growers are using leaf spot as a general term when it comes to resistant varieties when in fact true shothole is a blight technically.

Sucks hard. I think there is a lot of crossover between them personally and in some cases they are the same thing. My experience started with bacterial canker on peaches / nectarines and after a year of treating it incorrectly with fungicides it came back with a vengeance the following year and it now included defoliating leaf shot on top of the cankers

I only started making headway against it once I started doing heavy copper sprays with a sticker in late fall and early spring and I also painted over the cankers with some copper mixed into waterbased latex paint

I tried copper during the growing season too but it was way too easy to hit toxicity on the leaves, which ironically looks a heck of a lot like shothole