Should I buy 2 gold nugget mandarin or 1 Gold Nugget mandarin and a Satsuma

I am buying some citrus trees and at first bought a gold nugget mandarin and a Owari Satsuma mandarin. Do you think I should buy both for the harvest season or buy 2 gold nugget for the taste?

You need 3 of each and don’t forget a Valentine pomelo, I’m serious.


I wish I had space for 3 of each.

Gold nugget is late and satsuma early


How about Tango or one of the Gold series in addition to Satsuma to get citrus from Dec to May!


I think @bleedingdirt has the best idea, one of each, Satsuma, Tango, and Gold Nugget, for months of citrus harvest. Here, the Satsumas are best and they are also the slowest growing, so you may want two of those. The Gold Nuggets are also excellent, but they can dry out if left too long on the tree, and the tree is faster growing. The Tango is the fastest growing of the three, ripening between the other two and very good.


Yeah I ended up keeping the Satsuma on flying dragon roostock and getting the gold nugget. The websites says that the Satsuma will fruit the fallowing year and is in a 3 gallon container so it is likely more developed than other places.

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