Should I do anything to these apple grafts?

Grafted this spring to rootstocks, and are now growing fast. Should I just keep letting them grow? I already potted up the larger one. Thanks, Ed

Looks good to me! Not sure what you had in mind to do to them.

Well, I thought someone might suggest pruning the top to make it branch out more.

I have the same exact situation as you with my 5 potted apple grafts. My plan is to plant them in their final resting place this fall and evaluate them in the spring for dormant pruning. The only pruning I’ve done to mine is pinching any terminal growth on shoots that aren’t going to be my central leader.

I pinched the side shoots early. Central leader is dominating, but one secondary branch on each tree is growing pretty fast also. Am assuming I should just leave it alone for now.

Yes, its too early in its life to prune, you need those leaves to help growth.