Should I fertilize green house avocado trees?

I have my 5 young avocados trees (2 years) in my shed which I plan on opening the doors during days above 40 degrees for sun light (4 hours sun) and I will have a heater in the shed set at 50 degrees at nights and cold days. Can I fertilize these trees?

When I planted these with 10 gallons of potting soil I thought I would plant them in the ground after 1 year but I think I might have to have these in planters for 3-4 years to let them get bigger and to allow them to have better drainage since we get a lot of rain. should I change out the 2 larger trees that are about 5’ tall? I’m worried they might get root bound by this time next year but I don’t think there is enough roots wright now? The pot are 21" diameter and 1’ deep of potting soil.


Best to wait till spring, I think

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My gut feeling too. 3 of these trees started of growing good but have not grown for the last 4 months.

It all depends from the temperature. Winter temps over 60* they will need to be fertilize, but not full strength, roots will be active.I use a sprinkle of Osmocote carry the tree’s over till spring. Temps under 58* tree’s will not do anything, just keep soil a “little moist”.


It’s a pity that you can’t grow your citrus trees on ground… they are soo good looking that i’m shure you grow much more if you can! Congratulations!

The leaves look nice and green so I’d say wait until spring. If they looked hungry/pale then it might be worth feeding them now, but those look ready for their dormant season to me.

Those pots seem big enough for now. Depending on how much they grow next season they may need to go up a size before next winter, though. Here’s the root ball of a 4’ avocado that was in a 12-gal pot for 1 year, to give an idea of the rootball-to-tree-size ratio for something comparable:


Thanks, that helps a lot. I hate that I didn’t add more soil than I could have to the pots, I could have gotten 3" more soil in them.

I prefer squat containers, why? , so much easier to do re/uppotting. I do that about every 3 years. 15 gl is my choice. You don’t have to fill it to the top if the tree is not full size yet. Never had root rot yet.
Got a couple avocado trees in the mix, getting ready to bloom.

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My potted seed grown Fukushu kumquat tree is still outside.

I get a lot of new growth at this time of the year