Should I prune this down to one shoot?

Bark graft on peach. Three scions all pushing good growth.

Prune down to one shoot or let it grow?



I would puck the best one and head back the others/keep them a while longer just to help heal the wound quicker


I did just that. I let the thickest/longest one alone and pinched the others back some. Basically the idea is it will force the remaining one to become apically dominant while the others heal some more.


I did just that to my Nanaimo peach and Queen Cox apple, the week before last. I will prune them off completely in a month or so.

Nanaimo was hit pretty hard by PLC, right out the gate. She lost a few leaves, but the fruit tree spray did it in.

I see you have your fig in an Airpot. I love those.

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