Should pixie mandarin have a lot of thorns

Bought a pixie mandarin from Madison nursery. Just want to know if it should have thorns. Not very happy with the plant overall since it is so small and the leaves are as wilted as can be. I don’t know if the wilting is due to them sending it in January or if the wilting is due to the fact it spent almost a week in the mail.


I’m not sure about Pixie,but a number of Citrus have thorns when young,probably as a defensive measure.
My two,a Brown Select and Hamlin Orange,from them,arrived in December.They looked fair when opening and were put in a somewhat heated greenhouse.The outside temps weren’t extremely low,maybe 40’s to upper 30’s at night.Checking back a few days later,the leaves looked fried.So,they could have gone through some very cold areas,on the way from Florida and the effect was delayed.
They were put and are still inside a small grow tent,in my house.The Hamlin had enough reserves and is sprouting new growth,but uncertain about the Satsuma,which is smaller.

Yes juvenile growth can be very thorny. Do you see a graft?

This is a picture of it

Sorry about the blurryness. My phone would not focus

That is a sad specimen! Hopefully it’s true to type. I can’t tell from that picture but the graft would be on the main trunk/stem. That young a plant should easily be visible.

My thought exactly. Sadly I did not think to take a picture before now. I just emailed them. Hopefully I can get a refund.

Let us know what they say. They are new and have a huge selection. The guy who started it was a regular on the old citrus forum

It may have been killed by cold during shipping.

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That is what I am wondering. UPS made a delivery delay based on “severe weather”. I wonder if it sat in the truck overnight here. I was surprised they shipped it now of all times because it gets to be teens through 20s a lot of nights here around this time. A lot of other websites that sell citrus are holding off for along time. Not like they were in a hurry to ship anyway because I think I ordered it a few weeks ago in December.