Shouldn’t apples be more advanced?

Peaches are done blooming. Apples (this is a Pixie Crunch) not doing much at all.

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I only have a few apples and one peach but mine are like yours. Peach is almost finished and apples are getting ready to bloom.


Are your apples still this dormant?

Wolf River and Rome Beauty aren’t blooming, nor is “not Macintosh”. Everything else of mine is in bloom. And one red fleshed apple has lost it’s petals.

Well, I’m just outside DC, so not quite were you are, but some of my apples (Chestnut and Dolgo crabs) have just started blooming and few others (Calloway and Goldrush) are almost open. Leaves are mostly out, including on those that aren’t blooming this year (Centennial, MonArk and Kerr). All my pears are blooming, with the Asian pears almost done or already at petal fall and the European pears just starting to bloom.

Are all your apples like that? That seems strange if your peaches are already done. I would expect I’d be ahead of you, but not by this much.

One is, one isn’t. Beginning to think the rootstock died out from under me for some reason.

That happened to me one year. Poor drainage probably drowned my rootstock over the rainy winter we had two winters back. You might still be able to get scion wood from it?

Maybe. Although it was a dryish winter. Weird.

European pears are about a week from bloom.

No apple blooms yet, but there are several about to pop open. I imagine by this time next week there will be a lot of blossoms. No leaves yet, but those come later.

I think the timing is about right, if not a little early this year. Apples are usually the last to bloom around here, and I imagine in most other places.

My peaches are about past their bloom period, and one pear is blooming now with two more close. One pear started about two weeks ago, and has already dropped its petals, so I’m worried it may not produce anything this year, unless it’s self fertile. Our wild plum is in full flower now. The cherry tree looks like it’s about to start as well.

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Apples vary widely in how fast they wake up. My crabs have 2" leaves, most apples are in tight cluster about to hit first pink, but a few look like that. I don’t remember if my Pixie Crunch is awake or not; Sweet Sixteen is like your picture now.


It’s dead.

Brown under bark, twigs snapped easily and the whole thing yanked out of the ground with little effort. The roots looked decent at first glance, but there was an orangish fungus like stuff near the crown.

It’s on M111.

Little west of Leesburg. Mine are tight cluster with a couple pink tips. Flowering was a little more spaced out between varieties in each fruit type this year.