Show Off Your Figs and "This year Harvest"


My Black Spanish Fig is finally nearly ripe. I’ve had it for two years and I left it out to overwinter. It looks like there are some little figlets coming in.


Enderud: first fig of the year. This is a persistent male caprifig that’s pretty good for eating too. Tastes like coconut and honey. This one was a little small, but I was happy to have it.


Here’s a bigger Enderud and a Negra d’Agde. The Negra d’Agde was excellent, very rich and sweet. A really good fig.


My first main crop figs this year are Florea. Thanks @dimitri_7a They have a nice refreshing, sugary flavor. I first noticed them swelling 3 days ago. They could have used another day or 2, but we are expecting a strong storm. It seems they only took 70 days to ripen from when I first noticed the figlet emerging.


Qalaat Al Maadiq first fig to ripe this year. Last big rain messed up flavor little bit but still very good.


Finally my Florea Showed up today.


Florea is a pretty good fig. This was my first year tasting it and this is a winner. Mine will be going in the ground next spring for increased production.


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I was watering and saw some of the figs dropped I am wondering what could be the reason. This year I was not very diligent watering.


I had that happen this year too. The figs were just dry and hollow inside. Not sure what caused it.


No issues so far this year on my potted figs but I do water them daily.


Had the same experience last year. It seems if the fig plants get thirsty before figs enter the ripening stage, they drop some of their figs.


And I’ve had figs drop half ripe fruit because they got too dry. Or it might be more correct to say that many figs suddenly ripened all at once but not normally. Quality was lower.


First Tiger Panaché and a Figaholic-Harvey style click of Black Jack fig :wink:


Iranian Candy Aka ( Raasti Northern Persian ) Picked today can use a day or two but recent big rain did not help either. It is very sweet fig if picked at right time.


In-grounds will be late this year, but a few potted figs are ripening now. Here are my first Mt. Etna figs this season, Marseilles Black and Nyack Purple.

Maybe not the most photogenic figs in the world, but was I ever happy to see—and eat!—them after many months without one my favorite fruits!

First fig this year was Ronde de Bordeaux, but it split badly (too much water) and wasn’t very good. But more are swelling.


Socorro black Breba harvested today. It was little spoiled but still good.


RDB about two days away from picking.


I just added these to my timeline thread, but figured it might be worth sharing them here too for those that are interested.

Unknown Prosciutto . This may end up being the best fig I’ll have all season. It was unexpectedly excellent. It reminded me a lot of Bass’ Favorite, which was probably my best fig last year. Just a really rich, jammy, syrupy-thick fig. Kind of raspberry jam flavored.

Chiappetta is pretty good for a big fig. It has a honey/melon flavor. But it’s nice because it lingers and has more richness than a lot of my other honey figs, which tend to be simple in their sweetness – lacking depth.


It seems pretty early for figs in MA; how did you get them to produce now?


I gave the Unknown Prosciutto a head start under lights. Chiappetta is in a pot and so woke up earlier than my in ground figs, but I didn’t give it a head start inside.