Show Off Your Figs and "This year Harvest"


Grilled figs


@californicus, I have UP from 3 sources, 1 being Harvey. I also have Pastillere from Harvey. In my experience the ones from Harvey are a rare mismark, the Pastillere being UP, and the UP being Pastillere. My two other UP sources were the small, very rich, cherry flavored figs, as my Pastillere was from Harvey. Alot of people have complained about the flavor of UP probably are growing the larger, blander tasting Pastillere. The ones that are growing the smaller version, the true UP, consider it one of if not their best figs. My smaller UP’s have been sensational figs, right up there with Craven’s Craving, Boysenberry Blush, Thermalito, Sanguanito, and HDA. Photos of UP and Thermalito. I may be wrong on this but others that grow these have agreed that the smaller size ones are UP.


One that doesn’t split for me is Nero 600M. It’s a superior fig to RdB in my opinion. It ripens a couple weeks after Mt Etnas in potted culture.

Some Col de Dame are ripening. I’ve never had them in August before. The pulp color is lighter than usual but the flavor and texture remain the same.


I thought CdD is too late for colder zones.

Glad to hear that Nero 600 M does not split. I need to look for those crack resistant varieties besides the early ripening ones.


Yes, CdD is normally my last fig to ripen at the end of September, but this year is an outlier. Maybe our really hot July sped things up. Lots of Nero 600M are ripening ahead of schedule too.

@Z9gardener Did you get any figs this year from the scions I sent?




There was one set on one of the grafts but I removed it to encourage longer shoot growth. Look forward to tasting them next year.


There was a recent post in the ourfigs forum comparing UP and Pastiliere. The topic creator felt that Pastiliere may have been better – atleast this time. He is on this forum too so he may comment.

I think the term used by Condit was “Incomplete parthenocarpy”. Some figs arent entirely common. And arent entirely smyrna either. This is true of other fruits too – some varieties of persimmon hold more fruit if pollinated.

Pastilliere does hold nearly all fruit once it gets mature. It does drop in some locations for longer. But not others. It dropped here and has started holding more fruit each year.

UP on the other hand is closer to smyrna on the spectrum.


Golden Rainbow hyped up fig nothing special just a bigger size and same as yellow long neck.

Golden Rainbow .RDB is for size comparison.

Golden Rainbow


Excel 09-01-2020


Yummy looking.


Smith more ugly it look will be good tasting. Let it hang for a day or two extra.


This is what I am doing with all the extra figs we can not eat fresh :yum:


Please show the after picture. Looks good :slight_smile:


Here is final result and I love these. @murky


I agree with Ram. Looks like Blue Celeste to me. Not Improved Celeste.


Agreed. That does look like Pastiliere. Your thoughts make sense in other ways too, Brent. Where did UP originate from?


Jon bought it as an unknown, thought it was Pastiliere, but then decided against it, I’m guessing because the pollinated figs did not match the Pastiliere at Wolfskill.


I’m getting behind on dehydrating, so there are a bunch that were just too ripe. Cut off any fuzzy mold, discarded the ones that smelled off. Packed into a jar, full so there is no air in there, but with the lid loose so gas can escape, placed outside in the shade in case there is an eruption.

What will I get? Wine, vinegar, botulism?


This is the first year that the Robins are after my figs. They usually after the Asian pears but We had a Mother’s day late frost so not too much pears this year for them. Oh well.