Show Off Your Figs "This year Harvest"


Thanks for heads-up—and excellent pics, Brent! Believe I’ve got it, too:

One cultivar has it worse than the others—just a scattering on most. Haven’t seen any of the fungal “webbing” yet, but that could be because we’ve had a real dry spell here of late. Am going to have to dispose of some leaves tomorrow and maybe consider a fungicide routine. The “no-spray fruit tree” strikes again! Lol.

Think my rattlesnake beans have a touch of it, too, and I believe Prunus spp. may also be susceptible, as I’ve seen identical lesions on wild black cherry leaves.


It does seem like the Etna types are more vulnerable to me. I think Black Walnuts can be carriers, there’s a tree that drops leaves onto some of my figs and some of them became stuck and spread infection quickly like the walnut leaves had live fungal tissue. I suspect grass clippings can be a vector as well.


All the cut ones are Florea, most from 4 inground trees and then some from a few container trees, and one lonely Improved Celeste in the pint with extra Floreas. Looks like RdB and some of the Etnas will start getting ripe in a couple of days.


Very nice could you please post some pictures after dehydrating. I will do some this year and want to get an idea how much to dehydrate.


I like them dried when still soft. My only concern going that way is long term storage. They should be OK in the fridge or freezer. So I’m always working around the correct dehydration level. So far I haven’t had any spoilage. But at the stage I like I don’t think they are safe at room temperature for long term. This is before and after. I think you could store these at room temperature. Too dry for my eating preference.


I dried these yesterday. Don’t know if you can tell the difference. But these are soft and chewy. Just the way I like. It took about 15 hrs at 125F.


Thanks That is the texture I am going after. I do not like too dried figs. That will help a lot.


The ones with the cantaloupe chips are not done enough for me, they are still very soft, not quite chewy yet and would get freezer burn and start losing flavor after 3-4 months. The ones in the other tray are what I like for freezing, they feel leathery. If storing on the shelf in jars they need to be hard, not cracker dry but not soft at all, they do soften up a little over time.

These went about 18 hours at 130, but were on the porch and it has been humid/raining the whole time, and the dehydrator was at full capacity with 6 more trays of cantaloupe.


Looking very yummy. Will do some this year for sure. Now I have a good guide line. Thanks for posting picture.


These will start to mold, if left on the shelf more than a
few weeks. I just had to throw some out. You can get them
like this at 140F in 10 hrs.


Black Provence small very sweet fig.

Black Provence 08-14-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland


Excel large sweet fig. Weight 65 grams.

Excel 08-15-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland


Looking at the first photo, these appear to be breba.


No these are main crop. Not breba!


The figs in photo #1 have sprouted on last year’s lignified wood. This year’s new green wood is seen above them. Here are the definitions of Breba (Profichi), Main (Mammoni), and Mamme crops:



@Richard I know what is breba and what is main crop. My plants is only two feet tall and it is on rooted cutting from last year winter. My plant is only about 9 month old. So it is main crop for sure not breba.


Brebera Branca and Dalmatie Main


this grew on old wood, about 1 month ago. It is on a Chios (7ft. Tall).


Moscatel Preto is right on schedule. I really love this fig. The flavor is tropical and tastes like guava and brown sugar.


All of mine are still somewhat green. Maybe in another 2 weeks before the real enjoyment begins.


Bonus photo of Jasmine


Tam kam Nonastringent Kaki

Che fruits

Black Madeira


Ischia Black UCD


Craven’s Craving

Soccoro Black



Malta Black

White Madeira

This May direct cuttings planting of top tiers fig like Maltese Beauty, BM KK.MIB, etc…