Show Off Your Figs "This year Harvest"


You are almost there Tony. Figs sets are very good this year. Very nice looking plants.


Still mostly Ronde de Bordeaux but others are changing color.

An early ripening I-258. The insides are unusually yellow but the flavor is a rich sweet berry as it should be.

Lebanese Red Bekaa Valley

Improved Celeste

Ronde de Bordeux


I wish I had the space for that many potted plants. You have a real fig forest going on. Looks like some good eating in your near future.


14 Types of figs all harvested yesterday 08-17-2019 Main Crop. Fico Preto ( Highly recommended ) and Dark Portuguese were very impressive. Others are: Hardy Chicago, Malta Black, Celeste, Easton Purple, U Spadafora Dark, Excel, Improved Celeste, RDB, Raasti Northern Persian, Black Provence, LDA, Robs Genovese Nero.

Fico Preto 08-17-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland.

Dark pourtegeause 08-17-2019 Main Crop Zone 7A Ellicott City Maryland.


Do you want to exchange Cuttings this year ?


“English” Brown Turkey EL 8-20-19, main crop, Zone 6b, Ottawa, Kentucky

Overwintered in-ground. Believe this Southern Brown Turkey-type may be the same as Hanc’s Brown Turkey, as Hanc Mathies supplied cuttings from his “English” BT to Edible Lanscaping. The first ripened on 8-18 and a number are now swelling. A very good fig. Sweet—a little less so than Improved Celeste to my palate—with a hint of fruitiness, almost pear.


Looks more like EBT actually, except for the long neck… So early though, my EBT ripens just a bit before Adriatic JH.

Here’s a picture of Eastern/Southern Brown Turkey from “fignut” on F4F.


@hoosierbanana Interesting. Maybe it’s just a weird, mutant EBT? Here are a couple of leaf pics. First seems pretty typical. Second is a trilobate type that’s also fairly common. I’ve also seen “mittens” on occasion. They sort of remind me of Improved Celeste leaves.

Eyes aren’t red on any of the fruit—all of which appear long-necked. Couldn’t find many good pics of Hanc’s EBT online for comparison. Anyway, not sure what to call this fig. . . but I like it! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s mighty small fruit for a ANY BT. That’s celeste
size fruit.


@JeremiahT Yeah… I’m not sure either. Since you know for sure it originated from EL that should narrow it down. I thought the fruit looked like O’Rourke, but the leaves don’t. But doing a quick search, it seems like the O’Rourke EL was selling did have leaves like that… Not sure if it was ever decided if O’Rourke EL was the same as IC, doesn’t seem like it looking at pictures.

Here’s a photo of O’Rourke EL from ascPete:

@rayrose Southern/Eastern BT is supposed to be a small fig. Fignut called hers “Robin Brown Turkey” I’m assuming it came from James Robin. Here’s a comparison photo with Celeste on bottom she posted.


This description is from Ray Givans

Brown Turkey English Brown Turkey
Small to medium, light-brown to violet fruit with strawberrypulp. Turbinate to oblique, mostly without neck. Small eye which has a reddish color from a very early stage (unlike Celeste). Leaf: typically small; base subcordate; 3 lobes; margins crenate. Cold hardy. It fruits on new growth if winter killed. Often bears two crops a year. Condit writes that it is very sweet, but not rich. My own experience is that is not as rich as Celeste, but is considerably better than passable. Good fresh or as preserves. Synonyms: Eastern Brown Turkey, English Brown Turkey, Everbearing, La Perpetuelle, Lee’s Perpetual, Texas Everbearing.

I’m wondering if the tree I found years ago which I thought was SBT actually was now, it had a very sharp flavor, not too sweet… I’ve never understood what people mean by “rich” when they talk about figs though. Telling these things apart ain’t easy, lol.


I’ve never heard of this fig, and I doubt it’s kind of a BT.


I got it from Peaceful Heritage Nursery in Stanford, Kentucky: . He just called it English Brown Turkey and said it had come from Edible Landscaping years before. There could’ve been a mix-up somewhere along the line—and it might indeed be O’Rourke EL. It does look like it. Thanks for helping me examine this mystery! In the meantime, I guess I’ll just call it “Sue” or something and enjoy its figs. :wink: (If you ever want to give it a try, let me know!)


The figs have been really rolling in and more varieties are ripening. Here are the ones I picked today.

A mix of Ronde de Bordeaux, Malta Black, Longue d’Aout, Moscatel Preto, and 1 Vasilika Sika

These Moscatel Preto were really good and syrupy. These don’t crack when it rains.
1 Vasilika Sika among many Malta Black. The Vasilika Sika was watered down and split around the eye. Malta Black was very rich and don’t split in the rain. It’s a simple Mt Etna variety, but in my humble opinion is the tastiest out of the ones I’ve grown.


I totally agree with you about Malta Black. I’ve not been growing figs for very long, but it’s already become a favorite around here. Seems thicker, jammier than many of the other Etna-ish figs. Last year tasted of strawberry jam; this year, more like some other berry, but very thick and sweet. Also, seems a touch earlier than some of the others.


Last few figs of the season from my container grown trees. Zone 6a n.Ky

LSU Purple
Hardy Chicago
White Marseilles


I was not able to keep up with the figs. Harvested over 100 figs in four days. I will try to post some individual pictures this weekend. So for the time being these are last three harvests.

Harvest 08-19-2019

Harvest 08-21-2019

Harvest 08-23-2019

Atreano 08-21-2019

RDB 08-17-2019


Atreano looks amazing. It’s one that I never got around to growing. Are the large, oblong green ones Dalmatie? Mine is in ground and has yet to ripen.


You are correct. Dalmatie is a very good tasting fig and I like a lot. Atreano is very good too if you pick at the the right time. Here is picture from last year.


Hassan fig. This one is always my earliest main crop fig that doesn’t get a head start. It’s a lot like Sao Miguel Roxo, just earlier.


Are these the drying temperature and time for your nectarines too?