Show us your garden path(s)


mines not as nice looking as these others but I like it. From the pool going to the orchard

coming from the orchard to the pool. this was after i trimmed the nanas



Wow, all of those tropicals growing in Oklahoma? You lucky person!


The side path from my driveway to the back/garden. The brickwork, walls, and fenceposts were put in by landscapers. I've been working on the fence and the plants. Along the path are alpine strawberries, by the entry posts are maypop, in the beds to either side are blackberries, raspberries, grape, jostaberry, red currant, gooseberry, cornus mas, and some flowers. Everything was planted either last year or this year, so still pretty small, though we are getting a few berries here and there from different plants. Strawberries are probably doing the best growth wise so far.


thanks. The musa basjoo is really easy here and quite honestly can get a little out of control. this clump dies back to the ground every year and by this time is just huge.


Finished our path about 10 days ago. It turned out great, my IT help is around so I'll try to post a picture or two. Thanks for the recommendation on concrete forms and dyes. We poured some on a styrofoam sheet and used them to fill in boarders and curves.


an updated shot, a lot of the creeping jenny died out in out hot dry spring. (don't really water the path). The creeping moss however is happily plodding along expanding about a foot a year, give or take. Got some cheap bagged mulch, pulled some weeds, shuffled the compost and took some pics.


A Spring 2017 Update



Wouldn’t know this is Brooklyn, NY




Love the hosta and heuchera…and walkway too.
How do you prevent the weeds from coming up in the pathway?


A thick layer of bagged mulch, every two-three years to refresh the path. I pull back the flag stones, and rake up the weeds, refreshing the mulch at the same time. If I can get the bags, 4 or 5 for $10 at the box stores, it takes about ~16 bags to cover the pathway. Not the greatest value, but the cheapest hardwood mulch i can find locally. Bulk deliveries into the city cost an arm and a leg.


Very nice. Love it.


Not really pics of a garden path, but our trumpet vines are really starting to fill in our pergola. The two honeysuckle trumpet vines are in bloom now. They have thinner orange flowers and need supported (tied up) but are not very invasive. The regular trumpet vines (Campsis Radicans) haven’t flowered yet this summer, but the flowers will be much bigger and attract hummingbirds.



Do yu leave your trailer there year round? Thinking about doing something similar.


Yes. But it has been a hassle getting the County govt to allow me to electrify the site. We’ve had mouse problems too.

I lost my job unexpectedly - twice - over the last several years which severely limited our expected income. So we have been unable to develop the property as we would wish so far. We’ll eventually get there. I have confidence in a new job I expect to be hired for imminently, and we’ll keep plodding along. Buying land for your dreams is a motivator and a constant challenge. Paying down the land mortgage and pulling permits takes time and perseverance that can extend for years…


Gotcha. Have you had any issues with theft or vandalism? We are looking to purchase some land up north which we can cultivate on the weekends. A travel trailer seems ideal but I’m a bit concerned that someone could break in or steal it when we aren’t there. Why won’t the county let you run power to the trailer? Would you be able to run it off solar and propane?


get a fifth wheel travel/goose neck style trailer, limits the amount of thieves that have the proper hitch :grinning: