Sickly leaves on apple tree

Just started seeing this, this year. Thoughts? Leaves are thin and not maturing.

Herbicide damage? Not sure just guessing


Does look like it however, none has been sprayed this year. Unless it is residue in the ground from last year. Good pics look just like it.

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I read that MSU article awhile back. It reinforced my decision not to use herbicide directly next to trees. Use a 2-3 ft landscape fabric or mulch (almost 50 trees now) and waited 4 years before using any roundup at all. It’s interesting and unfortunate that late summer and fall contamination shows up in spring for larger trees.

Hopefully the trees will bounce back but hopefully someone here has more experience with treatment and recovery

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Roundup damage can show symptoms like that. Herbicide is taken up one growing season but expressed the following year in the living tissue.

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