Site having problems

Something went very wrong with the proxy server today, my apologies for the downtime. I tried several solutions that did not fix it. For now if you are getting pages not appearing, try which seems to be more reliable. This will not work if you have a firewall in the way, so it may e.g. not work at the office but could work at home kind of thing.

I will be working on trying to get a permanent fix here, hopefully not too long but it could be a few days.


I used a html redirect page when that happened once at my former job and I was tasked to fix it. Redirect to

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Many firewalls only allow connections on port 80 so the problem with forwarding to 8000 is it will not be accessible to those firewalled people.

Good news, its seems to have gotten better recently. Hopefully it was a glitch related to the image migration.


I could not access the site on firefox using my old links, but got on immediately with the 8000 link. It’ll be nice to have it back to normal, but this works for now. Thanks for all the work, Scott.

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Please start using again and not the 8000 one, I think by using 8000 some features may not work properly, e.g. images getting put on Amazon. But if the site is not responding by all means add an :8000 to the end!

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Yep. It is working again this morning. Thanks.


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It worked for me!

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Its working for me. Thanks Scott!

Not that it’s a real problem, but when I got on the site this morning, I’ve noticed some of the thread titles have different sized fonts. Is anyone else seeing this? Again, not a big deal, but curious.

I don’t see anything here… If you are on an iPad or iPhone I would try restarting it, those platforms seem to flake out periodically.