I tried to do some grafting to callery pear yesterday but the bark wasn’t slipping. I was not expecting to see this at this time of year.

I don’t know exactly the time bark begins to stop slipping, but usually sometime July…

you have to have significant rains to continue grafting late towards the end of the month of July to reactivate bark slippage.

that’s why you can chip bud from Spring thru probably mid-Sept. at the very latest. The “traditional” late summer budding time (which is chip budding) happens mid-August.



Ok. I thought the bark needed to slip in order to chip bud. I’ve been T budding but now when I try to open up the bark it doesn’t work so well. Kind of destroys the bark.

T budding only works if the bark is slipping. The scion bud must be cleanly and clearly under the rootstock bark not half a$$ed in.

Chip budding can be done whether the bark is slipping or not.

A good watering might get the bark slipping again in a week or two but this late in the year you’d likely do better to switch to chip budding.

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Is it too late for chip budding on persimmons? And if I chip bud should I leave it until next spring to force?

I haven’t tried chip budding persimmon. But if you do and it takes wait until spring to force.

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