Slugs that can ruin your life


Yikes! Garden slugs can cause paralysis! You know, sometimes if you don’t clean your salad greens very well, you could ingest a slug unknowingly.


Guess that’s another reason I cook my greens.


A nematode did it, usually people recover 100%. The guy was very unlucky.


Oh, you didn’t mean white mini vans and people who don’t know what they want at McDonalds?


Here’s more:


Damn. Rat Lungworm has become a major fear in Hawaii. Slugs and rats are public enemy #1. A friend of mine had it and was fortunate to recover fully.


When you have rats in your yard, you will have a lot fewer snails and slugs, as they enjoy them as gourmet food, and it is how Rat Lungworm coevolved with rats and snails or slugs.