Sno-seal as grafting wax

Has anyone used Sno-Seal waterproofing for boots as grafting wax? It is just beeswax with some softening agent, so I’d think it should work like beeswax without the need to heat it up and keep it warm.

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It’s 35% beeswax, 65% mineral spirits.
IDK about using it for that purpose, but the one time I tried something other than Parafilm M - a wax toilet ring - it didn’t take me long to return to Parafilm… it’s what I ‘grew up using’, and I know how to use it and what it will and won’t do. No muss, no fuss, always ready to go.


Agreed. Parafilm and similar products are far superior to any waxes, sealants, or other concoctions. As with anything, a slight learning curve, but way easier to apply and harder to get it somewhere it shouldn’t be.


Thanks, all. I didn’t realize Sno-Seal had such a low percentage of beeswax. I’ve been using parafilm for years, but I know some old-timers who still swear by beeswax.


I agree with Jays comments, if there is a need for sealing a graft that cannot be done with parafilm, I use modeling clay to seal off those difficult areas where you need to seal off air or moisture. It’s easy to mold and press into cracks and crevices around a graft union and will not interfere with cambium healing.
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