Snow in mass

Good morning. Are there any other Massachusetts residents on here that are concerned about yesterday’s late snowstorm, and the potential to kill fruit buds, do you think they survived?


It didn’t really get cold enough to do any damage. So everything’s probably fine.

April 16, Zone 5b snow! - #28 by galinas.

Have you seen this thread.

Snow is not bad. The low temp is. It depended on how how your area was yesterday and what stage of your trees’ development.

If it was above 32F yesterday, it should be OK. My area was around 34 F. I’d be interested to see how that affected my full bloom apricots.

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Snow as @mamuang said is ok. These are pictures I took in 2016 it was a great year for fruit. The snow likely saved my blooms. Nearly all my fruit had frost rings that year.


For me it was kind of good timing. My apricots almost done flowering, my peach and cherries mostly didn’t start yet. Only one sweet cherry was in full bloom, but I don’t think it will make any fruit anyway, as other three cherries that should be the pollinators aren’t blooming yet. Most damage is done to the daffodils and hyacinths in bloom - they are laid on the ground. Tulips (about to bloom, but closed yet) seem to be OK. I think this snow was a good price for generally mild and steady spring. I hope we payed in full!


My Sweet cherry is Black Gold, self fertile so that is good. I do have several varieties grafted on it. None has bloomed yet. Their blooms all overlap as well.

Right. People worry so much about the snow, but a lot of times during these snow events it stays right around 32. It’s when it clears out the next night that you have to worry.

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