So Cal apple recommendations 2023?

Does anyone have real world experience with the “best of the best” apple cultivars for San Diego? (per many of the posts on here, such as Scotts and others). I have a number of experiments on how these do in So Cal but it will be years before I really know. Here were my thoughts:

Gala vs Kidd’s Orange Red for early
Rubinette vs Cox vs Suncrisp for the mid-season
Yellow Newtown Pippin/Goldrush for December
Sundowner/Lady Williams for January to February

I have already had great and consistent success so far with Gala, Rubinette, Sundowner, Goldrush. I heard Kidd’s is even better than Gala.

What are the other high flavor So Cal-proven favorites?

Gordon, in many San Diego metropolitan and county areas.

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