Something chewed my tomatoes plant

I bought an “early girl” tomato about two weeks. It was maybe 10" or 12" tall. Yesterday I went out there and all the growth was laying next to it. I’m sure it’ll push new growth out really quickly. Should I replace it with a new plant or will this one quickly catch back up?

cutworms? a simple paper towel roll collar will deter them some

I was thinking more like a squirrel or a cat or something. It just looked snappedp

Or rabbits. They did that to me last year and I had to fence my tomato plants.

I can’t say it wasn’t rabbits, but I doubt it. I live in the city. I saw a rabbit at the park a few blocks away once. Its in a 20 gallon pot with a cage around jt. The cage is plety wide enough for something small like a squirrel to get in. We have a million squirrels is why I suspect squirrel. I wrapped the cage in syran wrap last night. There is two tomatoes and a bean plant and only the one tomato was touched

Squirrels will chew through any plastic material, only metal caging will stop them.