Something eating blackberries

And not the fruits. Something is eating the stems right down at the base. Will rabbits eat them chew them down? I dug around and no signs of gophers. At first i thought the weight made them fall but they are completely severed.

Yes, rabbits will eat blackberries to the ground. My Quachita, Osage, and Natchez were eaten to the ground along with two of my roses this past winter/early spring.

Well crap. Long story but my yard was fenced in half. Orchard on one side where my dogs had access. Well the dogs where chewing up and digging up trees. But they kept the squirrels and rabbits away. I moved the fence to keep them away from the trees and berries now it seems the bunnies are tearing things up.

Squirrels have chewed a number of my caneberries off at or near the base. Had to resort to cylinders made from hardware cloth, slipped over emerging canes until a couple of feet tall. With squirrels, very little is consumed, the fallen plant is left behind. I would assume rabbits would eat more of the plant.