Something to do during dreary winters


Not much to do or look at during winter lulls, so better to just add to the rock garden when the cold puts a stop to the green garden… And create cheesy videos like this, haha


Love this!!!


Far more productive than what most folks around here do during winters.


i see you’re in Minnesota. Would be extremely difficult to do any construction work(and practically zero gardening) where you’re at, at this time of year.

wet cement won’t set, and instead compromised by ice crystals.

have to say though that northerners aren’t just resilient orchardists, but also resilient folks in general, considering the deep freeze you go through on a yearly basis.


I can build stuff inside my workshop, but I really need to get it heated. When it’s in the 20s or higher and sunny, its no problem. When it gets colder than that it isn’t very enjoyable. I spend most of my winters in the woods running a chainsaw. Lots of trades people in MN spend the winters in an Ice Castle on frozen lakes. I used to ice fish a lot, but the older I get the less I enjoy it.


have to admit being too whiny as i start complaining being too cold at 40F, yikes!

incidentally, some of the most productive orchardists in california i know weren’t native californians, but from the north. As soon as you guys settle in cali, you appreciate how easy it is growing stuff there, unleashing your skills of the trade big time.


A sunny January or February day in the 40s in central MN and you will find people wearing shorts :grinning:


Same here.

It is my personal opinion that one of the greatest unsung heroes has to be the garbage man working in the northern tier in the winter.


you know what, i never thought of that, i hope they get paid extra for that hazardous shift

i am no prude, but at 40F or colder, i dare not bare some skin :smile:


I do think it’s important to have some activities that you enjoy during the winter-the tough season.
I like to play music, read, drill mushrooms, whitewater kayak, cross country ski, work on mason bees, unicycle, hike, go on walks, lift weights, ride bikes, and clean out garages and inboxes. I also go to church more often.
Some people bake, knit, build things, volunteer, visit relatives, and watch sports.
I think it keeps us balanced.
John S


seems like outdoor activities for oregonians are not too limited during winter. Often wonder what the people in alaska do during their protracted dark nights and frigid temps.


A good time was had by all.


brrrrr, “baby it is cold outside”, said the tropical animal typing this…


Hah- in the 50’s is where I start wearing thermal underwear.

But, I still do work outside a bit, even in the 40’s. 30’s is really pushing it, but I transplanted a tree the other day. I have some new ones arriving in a week or two- hopefully the ground will still be unfrozen at that point. Maybe I should put some mulch over the planting areas now to help keep it workable…


It got into the low 30s today. I was working in the woods and had on a set of long johns and a hooded sweatshirt. I had to lose the sweatshirt, way too warm :grinning:


Our winters are usually filled with intervals of mild weather connected with some “cold spells” in which the temperature dips to below freezing. Because our summers are HOT we usually do most of our big projects in the cool. We have had been planning this for several months. We opened up close to 1/2 acre that the horses had been claiming by building a new fence. The fence is up and we’re starting work on the land. This area will claim a few fruit trees, additional muscadines, and a new garden area.



Whoa, that is a huge space. So much potential. Are you worried about any repercussions from the horses being on the grounds such as too much nitrogen? If I didn’t live in Pennsylvania, I’d come over and help!


tambien aqui! Cool(but not freezing ) is definitely the best time for las vegans to work on heavy stuff–digging, lifting bags of cement/concrete blocks, mixing cement, construction work, etc. And also noticed that fresh cement is less likely to crack during the setting process.

btw, @k8tpayaso , your ‘stomping grounds’ and enclosure are looking good!


I also used to enjoy Ice fishing, even sawing wood doesn’t appeal to me much now as I don’t burn any more wood and have a few cords that I give to people one trunk load at a time, I used to let people take it with a PU until I found out they were selling it., I wanted to restore my old MF202 which I love doing, but that really didn’t excite me this yr. I did gut one bath room and replaced everything, I didn’t see anything wrong with it, but my wife wanted to toss the tub and have just another shower, but it killed a couple weeks anyway… my three yo yellow lab is going to have pups on the 30th, she started out with 5 little titties showing and now she has nine, that’ll keep me busy and occupied till it’s time to prune the apple trees and almost time to start planting the seeds for the garden. maybe plow some snow a few times finally get into April, The golden years have just got to be boring years sometimes…


These aren’t stable fed horses so their poop is not really hot. There is one corner that looks like was designated a “special congregating point” so I’ll watch what I put there.

Come on anyway!!

¡Gracias! It looks to me like we just keep making more work for ourselves! It’s enjoyable at this point and always nice to look back on hard work from the porch.