Something to do during dreary winters


It’s 75 here at the moment (cold doesn’t get here until Thursday night) but send it here anyway—I can almost smell that bread!!! Beautiful loaves!


@k8tpayaso, me too. as soon as I saw the pic i swear I smelled fresh baked bread.


I second that notion. Rain and a few snowflakes here today. In other words cold miserable storm. Fresh bread and hot soups are great on days like this.
Beautiful bread! @marknmt


One of my favorite things to eat is moms home made rolls with butter and fruit jam.


I mostly eat low carb now but that bread looks so good I don’t think I could resist._


Bill, it isn’t just high carb, it’s all carb! But it’s all complex carbs (whole wheat and oatmeal) with a smidgen of butter and molasses, if that helps at all.

I eat one slice a day, buttered, with a fried egg, and one slice with butter and jam. Well, and then last night we had sandwiches, since we had that fresh bread to use …


Do you freeze it?


Yah, double wrapped. It holds up pretty well, plus we eat most of it as toast. And, it’s easier to slice after it has been frozen.


I’ll take two loaves please!


If you like baking bread I highly recommend Rose Levy Barenbaum’s “The Bread Bible”. Actually, all of her books are excellent. Beautiful loaves Mark!


no need to rationalize, i mean, if it has been said that the brain uses up 20% of the body’s total calorie needs, it also has been said that more than 50% of the calorie requirements is assigned to keep the body warm.

so burn, baby, burn!