Something to do during dreary winters


I use mykos in my mix that I make and used it on my blueberry plants. Surprisingly not that expensive. I can’t get inexpensive Promix here so I mix my own. And of course the Monster is indispensable too!!! :joy::joy:.


wish could grow those with any degree of success.
sadly, if i want my blueberries sweet-- my soil must be sour.

just so difficult to do here. Even the water we drink, heck a glass of it is as good as tums if you have heartburn, haha


I had used an amazon test kit and thought my pH was 7.2ish. So after my soil test came back 5.6 I bought blueberries!!! Then I find out my tap water is 8-8.5!!! Lol. Catching rainwater here is easy when the trees don’t need it…