Sometimes I over think things

Now that I have this huge sack of surround I’m thinking of ways to effectively use it to my advantage with growing fruit. With Spotted Wing Drosophila going after ripening blackberries and blueberries do you think a properly timed spraying just prior to ripening would be effective against this fly laying their eggs? Would the powder residue be an issue or would it easily rinse off?

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It is not that easy to rinse off but it can be done with large fruit like apples, pears or even peaches. I don’t think I’d try it on berries. I think they even caution us about cherries.

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Surround is edible so the question would be how much of it you would want to eat. Its more about looks I expect.

Spinosad works really well on SWD, I have yet to have any signification infection and my theory is the spinosad I am putting down on the trees is clearing out the early ones and keeping my berries clean.


Good to know. I might have to add that. SWD here was horrible last year.

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