Sometimes you don’t know what you are growing

About 8 years ago or more I have a fig friend from the old Gardenweb, Vern 2006 username. I visited him several times, try to get him started on persimmons, no luck. He buried himself with figs. He gave me a dozen of his best varieties, one was Dalmatia/ Stella, a very large fig, something like LSU Gold, froze most of the times in the ground. Andrew got me restarted on figs. Now I have to winterize these tree’s, weighted them down with 8 foot 2/4, than buried them with leaves and blankets and what not. Really didn’t pay much attention as far as taste is concern.
I just recently found out about this tree, no tags. A few other trees that I grow in the ground that are still growing but not paying attention for all these years.