Source of Yacon

So, I just watched a video on Yacon that has me interested in growing it. Does anyone know of a good source for roots/crowns to get them started?

Also, those of you growing them in zone 7, do you have to bring the crowns inside for the winter, or can they be left in-ground after harvest?

Thanks for your help!


I’m sure @JustAnne4 will chime in here when she gets a chance.

I just ordered some from has had them in the past but doesn’t at the moment

I’m in zone 7 and in the past brought them in to a non heated garage or lean to shed for winter similar to potted figs.

The Yacon shuffle!

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I got mine from They have lots of varieties and a ton of info. If you are by Yorktown, I’m happy to give you some.

Oh yeah, so the crowns come up with the tubers, and I guess you could shove them back in the ground if it doesn’t freeze at the depth you bury them - but you will probably want to divide them. I like to clear the bed and prep it for something else.
The crowns are not that big (what I got was the size of a large marble, the crowns I harvested last year and this year were the size of a soup bowl, and woody, such that I had to separate them with a band saw). I wrap them in newspaper and put them in a plastic bag (not sealed) inside in the dark. For me the best way to see where to separate them was to let them begin to sprout and band saw chunks around them.

Thanks, Anne. I’m near Lynchburg, central VA, so not that close. I’ll keep checking Cultivariable, they are sold out but may open up more inventory. Sounds like a fun plant!

Thanks for the info. Fruitwood may have some other things I’m interested in as well!

@SpudDaddy lives over by you.

Raintree Nursery has one variety available at the moment.

If you PM me I will send you a chunk for postage.