Sources for Suncrisp apple?

Hey folks -
I joined the forum soon after it began, made a few posts and went dormant. :frowning:

Anyhow I was poking around today and saw a couple wonderful comments on Suncrisp apples and figured I’d put one in. My go-to nursery, Adams County is sold out and the other places I’ve tried are either sold out, or they don’t carry them.

Anyone have any ideas on who might still have them?


Stark Bros still shows they have Suncrisp in stock.


Thanks Patty!

I did see they had them in stock, but mentally passed them over because of their vague rootstock descriptions. When I first got into growing fruit and knew nothing, I remember people on Gardenweb being wary of places like Stark Bros for mislabeling trees and non-specific rootstocks.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I can probably make due with a “dwarf” rootstock, but I’m not sure I want to roll the dice on Suncrisp that may not end up being an actual Suncrisp.

Bart, email or call them to ask what they use for dwarf and semi-dwarf rootstocks for their apples. That way, you can make a more informed decision.


Friends don’t let friends order trees from Stark’s.

You can find Suncrisp elsewhere:

On B.9 or M.111 from White Oak Nursery of Pennsylvania (Amish run. Excellent stock. No website. Must call for catalog: 717-687-8884)

Sometimes available on G.14 from Cummins Nursery of New York (but not right now)

Masonville Orchards of Colorado (scions avail)

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Stark refused to tell me last year the rootstock on a Goldrush apple I bought there (as a last resort). They claimed they did not know- even after I asked to talk to someone up the line.

Thanks Matt and hamebone! You confirmed my fears and pretty much all I needed to hear was the “friends don’t let friends” line!

I knew about Cummins and already checked them out and I’m not ready for grafting yet (but I have a bunch of questions coming up on what to do with a Gala tree I’m not thrilled with),

I’ll check out White Oak, thanks!!

I don’t know why Stark is so secretive about what root stock is used. That alone keeps me from buying from them.

As for Suncrisp. A generous member here last year sent me some scion wood and I grafted some onto an established tree in addition to some bud9 rootstock. They are growing well. Hopefully next year I’ll have some scionwood to give away.

Stark’s is the nursery that flooded the country with excellent apples like Red and Golden Delicious!:confused:

I have purchased apple trees from their commercial division several times, where you can specify the rootstock. The quality was good overall and 100% survived but the B9 trees did not have as many feathers as the ACN trees which was important to me.


Matt -
Any idea on winter hours or other contact info?

I tired calling throughout the day today and no one ever picked up and there was no machine to leave a message on.

They’re Amish. It’s a culture thing. They have caller ID and will call you back! I encountered the same problem. Their catalog and stock is awesome. Just be patient.

If you’re restless, you can request their catalog or place your order by snail mail:

White Oak Nursery
Attn: Mr. Amos Fisher
2507 White Oak Road
Strasburg, PA 17579

They will respond. They are hard working folks.

Bart: has them. I don’t know any about them but like the site.

Thanks Matt! While it’s a little annoying to not have online ordering, I kind of enjoy the weird “time travel” aspect to it. I always feel the same way when I order seeds from Sandhill Preservation (you have to send them a paper order form and a check).

Anne - - Can you order trees from OrangePippin? I was only able to find sources for fruit but not trees. Maybe there’s another part of the site I haven’t found yet?

There are 2 Orangepippen sites. The one with trees for sale is and the other site does not have the word trees as part of the site name. I looked up the site on Dave’s Garden and there were only 5 reviews but all were positive. Orangepippentrees.comenter link description here well I was trying to add the link but don’t think it worked.

@Bart I really like their pollination checker as it gives all the apples that pollinate the variety you list.

That Orange Pippin site is pretty neat. Interesting to read the reviews and also a neat feature to register your trees and look at the map for each variety. Obviously there could be privacy concerns so maybe narrowing the tree down to your town level would be approporiate.

Do any of you use the site or post reviews?

Thanks Anne! Didn’t know about that site. (There are so many orchard sites out there that I would never find just using google!!) Unfortunately they’re sold out for Suncrisp this year.

Here’s a funny note from that site on Suncrisp. I didn’t know I was trying to source such a high class tree! “There is sometimes a slight aniseed note, which is often the hallmark of more sophisticated apples.”

@Bart Sorry, I thought there some there the other day but maybe it was another “crisp”.

No prob! Someone probably saw your note and snuck in there and bought the last one before I could!


Suncrisp has the appearance of Gingergold, but the flavor of a milder Goldrush, along with strong pear overtones. At least that has been my experience with them as I sampled a peck from White Oak Nursery. I liked them best kept in cold storage until Dec or Jan when they achieved their best flavor.