SouthEastern Fig Gathering 2017

I am posting this for a fig friend of mine, If you are interested then message me, or post in this thread. Here is what she wrote.

"Here are details, Aug 12th 10:30 to 2:30.

My plan is to make some sort of BBQ (most likely brisket-I’m from TX) I 'll ask if people can bring a side or desert.

Bring a fig tree or cutting for the trading game. Feel free to bring cuttings and trees to sell and trade but make sure you keep them separate. I see what I can do about getting someone to come talk trees, otherwise we can just hang out talk figs and be social.

I will host this one at my house. I do have a guest room and a pull out sofa for those that need it. There are also plenty of hotels in the area. For those with families who may not be so into figs there is a local pool and Carowinds amusement park is less than a miles from me."

It will take place in Fort Mill, SC


9 days left!


Went to the fig festival yesterday, and met a lot of very friendly, knowledgeable, and generous fig enthusiasts, who all live within 1-2 hours from me. Some of these people have very extensive fig
collections, way bigger than mine. I was able to come home with a
Black Madeira, Adriano’s Genovese Nero, and a future Dan’s BB10.
I’m a happy camper. And the food was great too. I took an Orangeglo
watermelon, which every one seemed to enjoy, once they got over the
shock of seeing an orange melon for the very first time. Kudos to Gloria
Ramey who hosted the event.


It was great meeting you.

Wait until you see the collection that Dennis has. Dennis has so many trees that I have no idea how he keeps track of which is which as well as he does. Yet he’s certainly not the fig collector with the biggest collection, sounds like Lou has a great overwhelming collection too.

I did not even eat any desert I was too full, so much selection. Well I guess figs can be considered desert, I had a few of those. Did you try the fig jam that I brought? It was put in a little bowl near the crackers that I bought. I brought some of the water melon home, both colors, I still have not tried it yet. I will try it tonight.

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Alan, we met two years ago at Dennis’s and I believe he said he had
something like 800 fig trees, but I was more impressed this year with
Lou and Grant’s collections. Those guys really know their stuff. There
was so much food that I must not have seen your fig jam. I was full too,
but I couldn’t resist the carrot cake. Hope you like the watermelon.

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I have no idea how they keep count of so many. I normally make something homemade, yet this year I lost track of time between being busy and since I was not sure if I could get a ride. The fig jam I brought is made in Georgia, they used to claim that it’s made with kadota figs, they no longer claim that. It’s the best manufactured fig jam that I have ever had. Everyone that I know tried it loved it. It was on the same table as the meal items. A lot of stores carry it year round, I have seen it at Super Walmarts, and at grocery stores.

I did not look at the desert table close up, I love carrot cake, I make it homemade sometimes.

The Orangeglo Watermelon is very juicy, not as sweet as the average sweet red water melon, it tasted like red water melon yet had a faint mango likeness to it, texture was a lot like red water melon. It has big seeds yet not as many as the average red seeded water melon, I have read reviews online and it sounds like it needs lots of feeding like with composted cow manure. It also seems climate sensitive. Sounds like it can be sweeter too.

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