Spanish Bush or KGB for other fruit

I’m planning on planting a new cherry orchard to replace an old standard size orchard in the next few years and I’m planning on training to a KGB system. Judging from how my backyard Green Gage is growing it would have been perfect for this system as well it puts out a lot of short laterals full of spurs that don’t require any pruning, it grows very upright, puts out blooms the entire length of the scaffold and I’m think the fruit should be light enough that it won’t pull down branches too much and won’t need thinning.

Anyway, it got me thinking to try other trees using a high number of scaffolds to devigorate a tree and keep it pedestrian. It seems like apricots would work well, and maybe Japanese plum, but I don’t have any experience with those yet and worry the fruit weight may be too much on young branches and might have too spreading of growth. It seems peaches could use a Spanish Bush type system similar to a hex v, but with more scaffolds. It might get too crowded though. Mirabelles look like they could work really well and I’m sure other Euro plums as well.

Anyway, has anyone used a similar system with fruits other than cherries?