How is it possible that a spider can create a web between a distance of 20 feed of two trees.

There is nothing but air between two trees that have a distance of approximately 20 feet how is it that a spider is able to make an intricate web between these two trees

I’m assuming he doesn’t have some sort of a gadget buried in his wrist like Spider-Man and is able to shoot out a web so how does a spider do this


Check out this vid on youtube…

Spraying that web out with the wind flow… 25 meters. The ability to control the thickness of it so it stays focused instead of fanning out. Spiders are pretty cool.



What I find curious is that often spiders deliberately choose the widest span available in the area (my footpaths) instead of a more efficient same-plant branch-to-branch span that would catch just as many insects. I don’t enjoy ruining their footpath spans.


That is almost unbelievable and I would not have guessed possible. Thanks for the video link