Spinosad on sale


Thanks for posting. I ordered a good supply.

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Basically 3 for the price of one. Great deal!

Not on sale now. :frowning_face:

This was a good deal—especially for light/occasional spinosad users. If one sprays spinosad fairly regularly, however, the most economical product in the long-term is Conserve SC. A quart is around $160 dollars, but it will go a long way, as Conserve is 11.6% spinosad, while Monterey and Captain Jack’s Deadbug are only .5%. Standard label doses for the latter two are 4 tablespoons per gallon, while Conserve is around half a teaspoon for most beetles, lepidopterans, thrips, etc. and a smidge over a teaspoon for spider mites, etc. (BTW, OMRI-listed Entrust SC is 22.5% spinosad, but is also over three times the price of Conserve!)

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I snagged some as I only need a little to get cherries through the swd window

once you step up to a big jug, if you don’t need the omri label then delegate is worth consideration. similar chemical but more effective