Spiraling trunk around support post

How much is ok? Will there be a disadvantage? Will this weaken the trunk?

Let’s say i have a 8 foot above soil level smooth round metal post, I train the central leader of an apple tree around the post say… 5 ( or 3 or 8?) times around it, I do this to avoid using ties that might cut into the trunk with wind etc…

If the tree is on a dwarfing rootstock it might work out OK, but the more vigorous the rootstock the more likely it is that it will simply absorb the post in twenty years or so …? Do you contemplate leaving the post in place permanently? I’d think you would have to.

I’m guessing here. Can you tell?

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The best way I know of to anchor a tree against winds or excessive fruit loads until it has a strong trunk, is to just cut a piece of rubber hose that forms a circle around the tree trunk and held in that position with a wire inside the hose pulling it into a closed circle. The hose will not harm tree bark, but gives you a common point to attach Guy wires. Then simply drive 3 stakes in the ground around the tree for your tie wires and cinch them up to the rubber hose.
The simple solution is what I prefer?
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Yeah I should have mentioned these would be for a Bud 9 rootstock. I am thinking for the life of the trees so maybe 20 years. I would also prune them a bit heavy in this approach to keep them a bit shorter I was also thinking.

I had to google that. I always thought it was guide wire