Spondias dulcis aka June Plum, Golden Apple, Ambarella, Pommecythere. Why is no one growing this fruit?


So the over wintering of my June Plum has sadly encountered a disaster. Due to lack of water and a thermostat set to high power max temperature, for a week all of my crop died and dropped. The good news is there is already regrow and flower stalks.


I am clearly premature putting the June plum out. The damage is largely wind related. But if you look closely at the buds they are strong. 45 degree nights.

My banana’s are similarly suffering. but the new leaves are growing in healthy


A month later we are still getting nights around 45 degrees and cold unpleasant torrential rains. I lost the indoor grown leaves to strong winds but the regrowth fares ok.


Filling in nicely now.


Mine in the ground. It’s almost die last winter, not by the cold but by the rain. I moved it to southside and planted it above grade. I’ll build a mini greenhouse for it in winter.


it can take quite a bit of cold. I had periods last winter when the heater was off during the cold for an extended period.


My wife had one in her country when she was a kid. It basicly grew in a water logged swamp. What they do to propgate them is to hack off a branch and stick it in wet ground. It was likely just dormant for the cool season.


the current flowers and the previously set flowers. Given all dehydration and cold drama it suffered last winter, visually it shrugged it off like it was nothing. But it took what felt like forever to start growing again.