Spots on Last Year's New Peach Wood

I originally thought these spots were serious cold injury to the new growth from last year. When I sliced a few buds open I was surprised that it was still totally green inside. I scraped off the outer layer at the spots and it was a fresh green color. It appears only the pigmentation on the surface was affected. Has anyone seen this before?

Yes, its extremely common. I think it is a disease of some sort but it never causes any severe issues so I never looked into it any more. Hopefully someone else knows more than I do.


So… it was probably there before and I didn’t notice it. :confused: Weird, but definitely good to hear that it isn’t serious. Thanks Scott.

It looks like peach scab lesions to me.

Yeah, it does look like peach scab. Even though it is common, I’ve never seen it on the wood before. The only fungicide I currently have is copper, but I don’t see dormant copper listed as an effective treatment for peach scab. What is best treatment before bud break?


I only treat after shucks off for scab. I know some recommendations start at petal fall, but I’ve not needed to apply it that early. I use Captan after shucks off and for the first cover sprays for scab.

I will mention I use chlorothalonil for leaf curl in the fall. It is also efficacious against scab. When I spray chlorothalonil in the fall, I use a sticker. Come spring time I still see a film on the shoots from the fall application, which may offer some residual protection against shoot infection in the spring.

Thanks for the clarification Olpea.

My peach tree is 8 years old and I’ve never had to spray for fungus before. It’s probably because of our consistently dry summers we’ve been having here for more than a decade. Last year was a little different in that autumn was unusually warm and damp. The leaves didn’t drop until the first snowfall. If this is peach scab, I think autumn is most likely when the outbreak occurred.