Spray Schedule for Newly Grafted Apples

I have been reading the posts for small growers and home spray applications. Are there any rules for newly grafted apples on through whip growth? All I have used is dormant oils. The Home Fruit Tree Spray may be needed?

I would use organic as the block of grafts is next to my food garden if it wouldn’t be too intensive a spray schedule. This company offers thorough instructions but still nothing specific to newly grafted plants.

Just control caterpillars, aphids and leafhoppers. If they get anything else in their first year, take the hint and graft something disease resistant.

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I grafted only Limbertwigs this year. I am concerned about blistering the young wood and am allergic to insecticide soaps.

Neem oil has worked on a sweet corn crop, so that may a companion with the dormant oils for the insects. A neighbor/cousin suggested using streptomycin for blight.

I cannot find specifics about newly grafted wood. Think only one is likely to blight, the Red Limbertwig.