Sprayer left overs

Okay, so for years I’ve wondered what the “right” thing is to do with chemical/water mixture left in the sprayer. I have a dedicated 15 gallon sprayer that I only use for orchard spraying. That said, it seems there’s always a few quarts left when I’m done.

What do folks do with the left over chemical/water mixture?

Depends on what it is but generally I find some brush that I’m indifferent to, and that isn’t close to a water source, and spray it there. Better to have plants process whatever it is before it goes into either water or soil.


Pretty sure most labels say to just “re-apply” to the target crop… as long as you arent over applying according to label directions.

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Ya, if the sprayer would “spit” the stuff out I would simply spray it on the target crop. My sprayer tries to cycle it through, but won’t. There comes a point where the sprayer just won’t push the liquid into the pump…and then out the wand.