Spraying peach trees when cherry tree is still in bloom

The petals are starting to fall on our 3 Red Haven Peach trees. I’m preparing to spray a fungicide and insecticide, Captan and Traizicide with a sticker.

but we also have 3 Cherry trees 15 ft away. They will be in full bloom still when the Peaches are at petal fall. I plan to drape some bed sheets over the cherries at “try” to aim away. Last year I was late in my spray and couldn’t spray until after both had petal fall and we lost all the peaches to OFM

Anyone spray parts of their backyard orchard while keeping other trees in bloom safe?

In addition to trying to take into account wind maybe you could wait until evening to spray when there are fewer pollinators out?

I am experimenting with using insect barrier bags to protect my trees from insect pests. I hope to have some results to share by the end of this season.

Can you delay the insecticide spray for at least a week? If you are just experiencing petal fall you are likely not very far into shuck split. Usually PC don’t bother peaches until they are at least dime size, but spraying early is a definite plus. If you were spraying permethrin I would definitely say wait, but I do not know how effective Traizicide is against PC. I am surprised you are that far along with Red Haven given that you are zone 5B.


I don’t have issues with PC, OFM is my issue. Spraying at petal fall is critical. As written above, last year I waited due to travel. By the time I did spray both the Cherry and Peach were at petal fall. Every peach was oozing clear gel, the classic OFM.